• Sam's Club of Apopka



    About Us

    At Sam’s Club, we’re committed to becoming the membership you love most. We will do this by providing excellent products and services - in clubs, online and through mobile devices - across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

    Sam’s Club also provides a variety of member benefits such as free shipping on most items for our Plus members along with Cash Rewards, early shopping, savings on medications as well as the benefits of our Club membership. Club members can take advantage of Sam’s Club Credit, Instant Savings, free health screenings and members-only savings on fuel.


    • Maximize your membership with Plus.
    • Only at Sam’s Club: Scan & Go Shopping.
    • Curbside Pick Up for Plus Members.
    • Cafe treats, free samples and more in-club fun.
    • Big savings and the best products.


    Your front door to savings!
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