• Committees & Councils Committees & Councils

    If you’re interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact the Chamber office at 407.886.1441 for more information.

  • Apopka Area Arts & Entertainment Council Apopka Area Arts & Entertainment Council

    The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to connect and support art, music, entertainment, & culture in our area. The Apopka Arts Council exists to enrich and enhance the cultural health of our community. Ignited by the involvement of an active community of artists, art enthusiasts, restaurants, and public interest, Apopka is creating quite a stir with our wide range of indoor and outdoor venues.  

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    For more information about The Apopka Area Arts & Entertainment Council, please contact the Chamber office at 407.886.1441.

    Arts and Cultural Affairs Web Page 

  • Apopka Serves-Community Committee– Council Apopka Serves-Community Committee– Council

    “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Nelson Mandela

    Northouse (2013) discusses five principles of ethical leadership:

    • Respects others
    • Serves others
    • Shows justice
    • Manifests honesty
    • Builds community

    Apopka Serves mission is to put action to words to build our community. Apopka Serves Council is made up of chamber leaders, chamber members, and committee members, working together to improve the community around us. Meets first Wednesday every month.

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    For more information about Apopka Serves Council, please contact the Chamber office at 407.886.1441.

    Apopka Ministry & Community Resource Directory

  • Business Advisory Council: Education Partnership Business Advisory Council: Education Partnership

    The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to connect and support the improvement of literacy and career outcomes for youth in our area. There are many ways to partner in the Apopka Area Chamber Business Advisory Council. Please let us know which program offerings you are interested in so we can connect with you

    2022/2023 School Year - Business Advisory Council meets quarterly and consists of representatives from local businesses, educational institutions, childcares, and organizations who help guide local school programs toward their mission of providing innovation and advisement on education, challenges and changes impacting families and communities. The mission is Less Poverty, More Prosperity, based on the Florida Chamber program initiative to improve Florida's future workforce by working to remove barriers to access for quality education, health, wellness, and career paths for families for generations to come.

    Annual and Quarterly Committee Sponsorship is available.

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    For more information about Business Advisory Council, please contact the Chamber office at 407.886.1441.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion Committee is dedicated to the development and enhancement of minority and/or women owned enterprises, and the professional health of inclusive and equitable business practices.  Focusing on strengthening economic capacity, professional development and mentorship, and support of minority owned and/or led businesses, and departments. Information on procurement information along with establishing working relations with private and public business sectors to foster increased revenue, procurement, and economic development for a healthy and culturally rich community. Meets monthly on the last Tuesday. Location changes to support local businesses.

    Mission Statement: Building an economic environment where diversity and inclusion are embraced.

    Reoccurring Monthly Meeting:

    Last Tuesday of the month, 1:00 p.m.

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    For more information about the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, please contact the Chamber office at 407.886.1441

  • Economic Development & Government Affairs Council Economic Development & Government Affairs Council


    This committee is made up of business and community leaders who are dedicated to promoting the economic environment and opportunities showcased by Apopka’s unique community and culture.  The Economic Development & Government Affairs Committee partners with the surrounding municipalities and local government in order to promote the growth of existing businesses and to increase commerce by attracting new industries to the Northwest Orange County communitiesThis committee monitors and provides recommendations on issues that are relevant to the business community in the Apopka area, the Greater Orange County region and the State of Florida as a whole. It provides recommendations to the Board of Directors and develops communications to membership about potential actions or policies that may affect their sector, and the broader business community.

    For more information about Economic Development & Government Affairs Council, please contact the Chamber office at 407-886-1441.

  • Event & Sponsorship Event & Sponsorship

    The Events & Sponsorship Committee shall consist of a minimum of one (1) Board Members and Chamber members that are interested in promoting the activities of the Chamber. The Events Committee shall meet on the second Wednesday, monthly, 9-10 AM. Additional meetings may need to take place around big events. The committee’s responsibilities include assisting at events, creating innovative events and activities which engage Chamber members and the community. Location changes to support local businesses.

    Reoccurring Monthly Meeting:

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    For more information about Event & Sponsorship Committee, please contact the Chamber office at 407.886.1441.