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    The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to connect and support art, music, entertainment, & culture in our area. The Apopka Arts Council exists to enrich and enhance the cultural health of our community. Ignited by the involvement of an active community of artists, art enthusiasts, restaurants, and public interest, Apopka is creating quite a stir with our wide range of indoor and outdoor venues.  

    An extraordinary renovated outdoor Apopka Amphitheater features free live concerts, fireworks, and family friendly events throughout the year.  We enjoy gathering to appreciate the talented people who live and visit the area to perform, entertain, and share their artistic talents with our community.

    The robust offering of talent and cultural in Apopka are cultivated and encouraged in the Wekiva High School drama, videography, theatre, and technical programs, and our cultural heritage is preserved and celebrated by the Apopka Historical Society.

    Together, our Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce businesses, the City of Apopka, the local VFW, and our educational institutions, are excited to partner in leading the way in offering innovative entertainment options in the months and years to come.

    This includes “Art in Bars” in area microbrews, “Crafts & Crafts” events, and many more fine art displays in and around our community. Musicians and “Pop-up Parties” featuring works from local artists, sounds of live music, colorful murals, craft and artisan fairs, and interactive art displays, are all ways this council is driving business and cultural health among some of the best of the best in Apopkan experiences. 

    We invite you to participate in the unique experiences of the arts in our community. The Apopka Arts Council is promoting and supporting regional art, artists, and artistic culture for citizens of Apopka, and our visitors. We strive to create and advocate for events, venues, and other opportunities for artists in Apopka. We aim to nurture alliances with artists, art organizations, local businesses, and our school music, band, and arts programming, to provide artists and art enthusiasts of all ages, and experience levels the chance to engage in the arts.

    Upcoming events include a Monthly Meeting. If you are interested in being a part of the Apopka Arts Council, please complete this form and you will receive the next meeting invite.

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