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David Rankin, Treasurer

David Rankin


Why did you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
I once had a football coach who explained why his practices were so tough and demanding. His philosophy was that “you only get out of something what you put into it.” The same principal applies to business and community endeavors. The Chamber is an excellent vehicle for networking, business development and keeping abreast of both opportunities and obstacles, but it only works so long as everyone is committed and rowing in the same direction. Serving on the Chamber board provides an extra opportunity showcase to others why Apopka is truly an excellent place to live and work.

What is your business philosophy?
It’s pretty much the golden rule whereby you treat people like you’d like to be treated. This means that you must be consistent, earn the trust and respect of your customers and never take anyone or anything for granted. The banking business is very competitive and ever increasing regulatory oversight can make it downright difficult at times. Despite this, it’s still a people business where people are charged with helping people. Generally speaking, bank products and services are pretty much the same across the board and our money is just as green as that of our competitors. However, the difference is in the delivery and we must always be cognizant of the fact that people won’t do business if they don’t feel welcome or appreciated.

What is your proudest achievement?
Professionally it would have to be that day in May, 2009 when we opened the Old Florida National Bank in Apopka. Despite a severe economic rescession, Randy and John Burden had faith in me and my team that we could build a successful bank in Apopka. It has certainly had its challenges, but we have achieved momentum and have built something special. I am fortunate to work with some extremely committed and talented people

On a personal level, one of my prodest moments was to watch my son graduate with a Bachelors Degree from UCF and later graduate from U.S. Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, SC.

What have you found most valuable about your involvement with the Chamber?

If not for the Chamber, I would not have been able to forge as many longstanding and solid friendships and business relationships as I have over the years. The Chamber continues to serve as a valuable resource for seeking out new business opportunities and staying informed.

What do you think makes the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce different from other business organizations?
Unquestionably, the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is the collective voice of the business community of Apopka and NW Orange County. Whether it’s information on new businesses, permitting, transportation initiatives, education, politics, environmental management, community service projects, etc., the odds are favorable that someone at the Chamber is in the know
and stand ready to help.


What book (or author) has influenced you most in your business career?
Although I’m an avid reader, nothing will put me to sleep faster than a book on management style or business development. Rather, I prefer reading something with an historical perspective. Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher are two people that I admire greatly and would love to have met. Both were very determined individuals who not only persevered but flourished in the face of adversity. Their respective writings depict a common trait of rational decision making and an unrelenting and unapologetic resolve to see it through.

Senior Vice President, Old Florida National Bank
1420 W. Orange Blossom Trail
Apopka, FL 32712
Phone: 407-464-7024
E-mail: DRankin@oldfnb.com


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